Jimmie Steinbeck

Jimmie Steinbeck is Co-founder STAKEM

STAKEM brings legitimacy and widespread adoption to the masternode investment space.

The team behind STAKEM has been working with blockchain and crypto assets since the beginning and has been focusing on PoSe and PoS over the last few years, as they have seen that it is the future ahead of the highly polluting and power demanding PoW system.

STAKEM will offer masternode pool service to all, as we consider it crucial that this very important and crucial part of the blockchain transaction approval process will not be a division of few but very large companies that account for that part but that it is the people and the whole community there is a part and get a part of the very large revenue that is and will come in the future.

Stakem does not provide investment advice, legal advice, business advice, financial advice, or advice of any kind. STAKEM is blockchain-based Proof of Service (PoSe) hosting service.


blockchain: +9 years of experience in the field. Speaker and adviser as well as lectures about blockchain technology. He is one of the administrators of Denmark’s largest and most active blockchain group with more than 13.000+ members and has participated in several ICOs, and also helped to make some, and helped raise millions of dollars in funding, as well as read and consulted about content, setup White papers ( WP) and read several hundred through the recent years besides working with masternode, who has given him extensive knowledge in the field and the co-founder of Stakem.io.

Business development: 
Optimize corporate business development, ensuring consistent and rapid growth in sales across all channels and teams. Determine and streamline the company’s DNA as well as express their mission and vision.
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